Microbiome Research Program - 2020 Awardees

We are thrilled to announce the awardees of the 2020 Microbiome Research Program.

Trainee Pilot Awards
Faculty Pilot Awards

Trainee Pilot Awards

Trainee pilot awards were each granted $10,000 for a one-year project.

Joel Babdor

Postdoc, PI: Spitzer 

Integrative analysis of the metabolome and the immune system in patients with solid organ transplantation and immunosuppressant therapy – a biological framework to explore the impact of the microbiota derived metabolome on immune-mediated organ rejection.

Pauline Basso

Postdoc, PI: Noble

Interrogating the host response to gut colonization with Candida albicans.                                            

Annamarie Bustion

Graduate student, PI: Pollard

Identifying bacterial enzymes responsible for drug metabolism in the human gut microbiome.

Miqdad Dhariwala

Postdoc, PI: Scharschmidt

Dissecting early life microbial imprinting of skin immune function.                                                              

Ying Lu

Staff, PI: Den Besten

Oral microbiome in the pathogenesis of mucosal complications and blood stream infection (BSI) in children undergoing hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT).

Elze Rackaityte

Postdoc, PI: DeRisi

Establishing a Reference Human Microbiome Peptidome for Identification of Autoantibodies.

Ryan Rampersaud

Fellow, PI: Wolkowitz, Mellon

Genotypic and Phenotypic Studies of Human Lactobacillus Isolates from Major Depressive Disorder.                                                                                                                                         

Lea Sedghi

Grad student, PI: Kapila

Effect of Processed Grain Consumption on the Dentogingival Microbiome and Immune Response in Periodontal Disease.

Vaibhav Upadhyay

Fellow, PI: Turnbaugh

The Gut Microbiome in Predisposition to and as a Marker of Sars-CoV-2 Infection.                                                       

Karin Wu

Fellow, PI: Schafer

Role of the Gut Microbiome in Bone Metabolism in Severe Obesity and After Sleeve Gastrectomy.


Faculty Pilot Awards

Faculty pilot awards were each granted $150,000 for a two-year project.

Nadav Ahituv


Characterization of the interaction between breast milk supply, metabolome, maternal genetics and microbiome with the infant gut microbiome in the first year of life


Joanna Halkias

Assistant Professor

Double-humanized mice to study the influence of early-life microbes on human immune development


Matt Spitzer

Assistant Professor

ImmunoMicrobiome: Multi-OMIC pipeline for discovery of immunomodulatory microbiota-derived metabolites


Martin Valdearcos

Assistant Professor

Microglial memory of the maternal microbiome in the early life programming of metabolic function