Antiracist Book Club - The New Jim Crow

August 19, 2021
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Book cover image for Are Prisons ObsoleteSelected text and guiding questions

The next session will take place Thursday, August 19th, from 4:10-5pm.

For this session, we will discuss The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

Here are the guiding questions:

  • Where do you see "racial bribes" occurring in society today? (pg. 31) For example, Alexander argues that traditional affirmative action, when done poorly and on its own, can be a racial bribe. Do you agree/disagree?
  • How have you seen the "politics of respectability" at work in your workplace, social groups, society, etc.? (pg. 263)
  • Criminal justice claims to be race-neutral and yet has disparate impacts. What other policies, structures are similarly colorblind? How have you seen mass incarceration be supported/perpetuated in wider society or your own lives?

Get reimbursed for purchasing the book

To enable all interested BCMM members to participate and to support attendees to purchase the book from a local or black-owned business, we have set aside funds to reimburse BCMM members for the cost to purchase the book.

Submit your reimbursement request via the reimbursement request form. The deadline for submitting reimbursement requests is 5 days after the session discussion. Priority will be given to trainees, staff, and junior faculty who purchase the book in any format (hard copy, digital, or audio book) and those that purchase the book from a local or black-owned bookstore.

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