About Us

Leveraging the Human Microbiome to Promote Human Health: The microbiome research community at UCSF is focused on some of the biggest chronic disease issues of our time with an emphasis on translating discovery into innovative treatment solutions.

Our Mission

The human body is home to a thriving community of diverse microbes whose activities and products shape our health. Our mission is to accelerate our understanding of how microbes promote health and prevent disease and to leverage this information to develop novel, effective treatment paradigms bringing them to patients in the shortest possible time.

Our Goals

To accomplish our Mission, the Center’s collaborative community of healthcare-centered clinicians and human microbiome researchers is focused on three main goals:

Predict and Prevent

We are leveraging the unique potential of the human microbiome to predict health outcomes and enable early interventions to prevent disease development or progression. View our PREMO: Premature Microbiome and Outcomes initiative.

Adult hand holding baby’s foot

Microbiome-based Therapies

We are creating new or improved microbiome-based treatments for a wide variety of gastrointestinal, dermatological and neurological diseases, with the goal of bringing these treatments to patients in the shortest time possible. View our Therapeutics initiative.

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Enable Collaborative (CoLab) Facilities

We are developing technology hubs specifically designed to accelerate the discovery and application of microbiome-based innovations, treatments and education programs. View our Technology Hubs.

Nick Wang, lab assistant, works with samples in the Klein lab at UCSF