Microbiome Data Working Group

The Microbiome Data Working Group brings together our growing community of UCSF data researchers. Spearheaded by Dr. Chhedi Gupta, the group meets bi-monthly and includes a dynamic mix of presentations and group discussion.

Moreno Indias et al. (2021) Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques in Human Microbiome Studies: Contemporary Challenges and Solutions. Frontiers in Microbiology. 

Over the past year, the group has collaborated to develop a repository to share pipelines developed by BCMM community members. The repository currently hosts OMICS (microbiome as well as non-microbiome) data analysis pipelines and educational/training materials. In the coming year, we plan to incorporate standardized microbiome multi-omics data integrative analysis pipelines to aid in translational microbiome research and serve better for microbiome community.

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Are you interested in joining this group? If so, please contact Dr. Chhedi Gupta.

Participation: All UCSF trainees and staff interested in microbiome data analysis are welcomed to participate!

Time and location: The Microbiome Data Working Group meets the second Monday of every other month from 11am-12pm.