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Join the community of UCSF trainees, clinicians, and scientists who recognize that the human microbiome plays a key role in preventing, predicting, and treating disease.

Community Values

In September 2020, we hosted a microbiome community circle to reflect and discuss how to embody our community's values as we build out the BCMM. The values that emerged are illustrated in the word cloud (right).

Do these values resonate with you? Join us!

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include access to BCMM research funding opportunities, priority access to research facilities, educational programming, and social events. A full list of benefits is below.


  • Membership is a requirement for BCMM funding applications
  • Members are given priority access to all BCMM Technology Hubs
  • Members receive notifications about internal and external funding announcements

Educational Programming

  • Participate in the selection and hosting of BCMM Symposium and iMicro speakers
  • Participate in Microbiome Ignite Talks
  • Participate in the BCMM Summer Internships Program


  • Members are eligible to serve on the BCMM Executive Committee and/or serve on BCMM sub-committees and task forces
  • Members and their labs are invited to participate in monthly social networking events with BCMM and ImmunoX members

Membership Criteria

Below are the criteria for BCMM membership:

  • A full-time appointment at UCSF
  • Actively engaged in, or have a new interest in, microbiome research.
  • Members in good-standing (actively participating) might be asked to participate in the yearly survey to provide information used to categorize members and their lab members.
  • A two-thirds vote of approval by the BCMM Executive Committee 

After membership is approved by the BCMM Executive Committee, members are required to present a short (20 minute) "Ignite Talk" for the BCMM community.

Membership Responsibilities

The BCMM Executive Committee performs a membership review every 2 years, at which time inactive members will be retired from the program. Retired members may be invited to re-apply for membership as their schedule and interest allows. To maintain the privileges of membership for the next year, at minimum, each member must fill out before a single set deadline an annual survey of information. This is intended to limit the number of these request per year and provide a consistently updated set of data for all BCMM functions.

  • Members must provide requested information before the set annual deadline
  • Members must propose lab members to present at Ignite Talks
  • Members must suggest speakers for the BCMM Symposium

Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion: In alignment with our values to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the BCMM, all eligible members (currently faculty and staff) are required to complete the UCSF Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training. Failure to complete this training will result in withdrawal of BCMM membership. View the schedule of upcoming trainings.

Membership Application

UCSF trainees, clinicians, and scientists with a full-time appointment can apply for BCMM membership by filling out the application below. Potential members may also be contacted upon recommendation from the BCMM Executive Committee and asked to complete the application. Applications are reviewed by the Committee.

An application must contain the following items:

  • Membership application form
  • NIH-format biosketch

SUBmIT your application