Leveraging the Human Microbiome to Improve Health
Our Center is home to UCSF’s community of faculty and staff dedicated to integrative human microbiome research.
Predict and Prevent Childhood Disease
A major focus is the origin and evolution of the early-life human microbiome and its relationship with health outcomes in childhood.
Accelerating Microbiome Medicines
We are dedicated to bringing microbiome-based treatments to patients in the shortest time possible.

The Benioff Center for Microbiome Medicine at UCSF

The BCMM provides a centralized home for the healthcare-based community of human microbiome researchers across the University of California, San Francisco, invested in exploring the human microbiome’s potential to predict, prevent and treat a wide range of diseases.


Major Areas of Support

  • Funding to conduct innovative, integrative studies to accelerate our capacity to predict and prevent childhood disease and to develop new microbiome-based strategies to treat existing conditions
  • Training program for the next generation of physicians and scientists specializing in the human microbiome
  • Annual symposium to promote education and collaboration in the field
  • Summer internship program for Bay Area youth
  • Support to maintain and expand the Center’s team of dedicated healthcare-centered faculty and staff
  • Advanced Collaborative (CoLab) facilities housing next-generation platforms and technical expertise to support genomic and molecular microbiome studies
  • Expansion of our gnotobiotic mouse facility to facilitate pre-clinical testing of novel therapies


Your Donations Make a Difference

Your generosity keeps us nimble and innovative, able to take on promising opportunities and advance our mission. Please consider donating to support our efforts.