Trainee Proposal Review Program

cartoon of two women meeting virtually via their laptopsThe primary mission of the Trainee Proposal Review Program is to support BCMM trainee success through pre-application review of a grant proposal or job application package by a UCSF faculty member that is not the trainee's primary mentor.


Eligibility: Trainees must be a BCMM member (active or membership pending). Each trainee can utilize this program a maximum of two times per calendar year.

Format of review: The applicant and 
reviewer will meet for one hour to discuss the application. Written feedback might also be provided to the applicant, but this is not guaranteed.

Timeline of review: Review requests are accepted on a rolling basis. Suggested lead time for these requests should be at least 6 weeks before the application deadline; the review will occur in the weeks before the deadline. Materials will be due to the reviewer 1 week before the scheduled review meeting.

Reviewer compensation: Faculty reviewers will receive $250 per review for their time (issued as HZA payments via payroll).

For questions, email Kristin Dolan ([email protected]).


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