Collaborative Research Initiatives

The BCMM is leading two collaborative initiatives around our primary areas of focus: early life microbiome development and microbiome interactions with disease therapeutics. 


Early Life: Leveraging the microbiome to improve pre-term birth outcomes

In partnership with the UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative (PTBi-CA), the BCMM is determining the role of early life microbiomes in preterm infant development and outcomes. Initial activities include development of a large, well-characterized and densely longitudinally sampled pre-term infant birth cohort, building a resource for current and future BCMM-PTBi integrative research efforts.

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The BCMM is investigating how drugs, including microbe- and host-targeted small molecules and biologics, drive inter-individual variations in the microbiome structure and function with the aim of both repositioning existing drugs and developing novel microbial-derived bioactives for treatment of inflammatory disease. 

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