CoLab Incubators

The Collaborative (CoLab) Incubators housed in the Benioff Center for Microbiome Medicine are central to our core mission, to accelerate the discovery and application of microbiome-based innovations to revolutionize disease treatment and patient care for children and adults.

CoLab Incubators

Microbiome center-supported CoLab Incubators offer technologies, expertise and pipelines to streamline data generation and pre-clinical testing.

Gnotobiotic Mouse Research Facility

The Center is expanding the Gnotobiotic Mouse Research Facility to enable pre-clinical testing of novel microbiome-based interventions.

Contact: Jessie Turnbaugh ([email protected])


Microbial Genomics

The Center offers next-generation sequence-based microbiome profiling and support for data analyses.

Contact: Connie Ha ([email protected])


Metabolism/Small Molecule

The Center supports an analytical chemistry CoLab to measure small molecules and proteins produced by microbiomes.

Contact: Moriah Sandy ([email protected])


Microbial Culture Facility

Our anaerobic culture facility enables high-throughput microbial isolation and culture.