CoLab Incubators

The Collaborative (CoLab) Incubators housed in the Benioff Center for Microbiome Medicine are central to our core mission, to accelerate the discovery and application of microbiome-based innovations to revolutionize disease treatment and patient care for children and adults.

Microbiome center-supported CoLab Incubators offer technologies, expertise and pipelines to streamline data generation and pre-clinical testing.


Gnotobiotic Mouse Research Facility (CoLab Incubator)

The Center is expanding the Gnotobiotic Mouse Research Facility to enable pre-clinical testing of novel microbiome-based interventions. View Gnotobiotic Mouse Research Facility.

Contact: Dr. Jessie Turnbaugh 

[email protected]


Microbial Genomics CoLab Incubator

The Center offers next-generation sequence-based microbiome profiling and support for data analyses. Go to Microbial Genomics CoLab Incubator.

Contact: Dr. Connie Ha

[email protected]


Quantitative Metabolite Analysis Center (CoLab Incubator)

The Quantitative Metabolite Analysis Center supports an analytical chemistry CoLab to measure small molecules and proteins produced by microbiomes. Go to Quantitative Metabolite Analysis Center.

Contact: Dr. Moriah Sandy 

[email protected]


Microbial Culture Facility

Our planned anaerobic culture facility will enable high-throughput microbial isolation and culture. Request services from Microbial Culture Facility.

Contact: Kyle Spitler

[email protected]