Antiracist Book Club - So you want to talk about race?

February 11, 2021
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Selected text and guiding questions

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The next session will take place Thursday, February 11th, from 4-5pm.

For this session, we will discuss So you want to talk about race? by Ijeoma Oluo.

Here are some questions to consider as you read the book:

1. In the Chapter "What if I Talk about Race Wrong", Oluo tells us about her conversation with her mother, a moment where a barrier was broken. How did this part of the book impact you?

  • What kind of emotions did it bring up?

2. What we know as the police system today has a long history of racism within it. The system of police as we know it now derives from "slave patrols", which were groups of individuals tasked to bring back enslaved people when they had ran away. When reading the Chapter "Is Police Brutality Really about Race?", what were some thoughts that came to mind?

  • Knowing that race does play a factor in policing, what does that say about all the murders that happened in 2020?

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Get reimbursed for purchasing the book

To enable all interested members to participate and to support attendees to purchase the book from a local or black-owned business, we have set aside funds to reimburse BCMM members for the cost to purchase the book.

Use the form (linked here) to submit your reimbursement request. The deadline for submitting reimbursement requests is 5 days after the session discussion. Priority will be given to trainees, staff, and junior faculty who purchase the book in any format (hard copy, digital, or audio book) and those that purchase the book from a local or black-owned bookstore.

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